The Šiʔtús Society

The Spokane Tribe of Indian’s Prevention Program is proud to announce the launch of their new youth leadership group named the Šiʔtús Society (Šiʔtús meaning the front or the leaders). The Šiʔtús Society is designed for young people to take an active role in youth leadership pertaining to health and wellness. This youth group will meet once a month and will host a variety of tasks each month where youth can learn more about being a leader in the community, and earn special privileges and incentives for their active participation. Any student in the 9th through 12th grade are encouraged to participate. This group will engage youth in a variety of topics related to overall spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, and help design community strategies in health and wellness. Use the link below to apply. Registration begins May 4th, 2022. Contact Cameron Wynne or Jerry Crowshoe at (509) 606-2018 for more


Link to apply