Spring Chinook Allocation 6/9/2022

Tribal crews will be traveling to Leavenworth on Thursday June 9, 2022 to pick up salmon and will be distributing to three locations. This is the first Salmon allocation of the year so….Please be courteous to your DNR staff and your fellow tribal members to make sure all benefit from our Salmon Allocations. If you would like any extra fish, PLEASE wait till after the rush and most have had a chance to get fish. We have a limited amount for distribution. 

 Distribution Areas at approximately 3:30-4:00 p.m.

Wellpinit – Trading Post

West End – Pappy’s Corner

Ford – Kurt’s Corner

 Please bring own cooler or bags, bags will not be provided.

 The crews will call ahead to broadcast if there is a change in time of distribution.