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Sp’q’n’i? Broadband Services (SBS) Wireless Equipment Installation

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The SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS is requesting proposals from responsive, responsible, and qualified firms for installation of wireless equipment located on the Spokane Tribe of Indians Reservation.

Scope of Work

 The Scope of Work will include:

  •  A clearly defined plan for the installation of the wireless broadband equipment on the Spokane Indian Reservation. The equipment includes point to point Microwaves and Tarana Base Nodes.
  • Weekly update meetings on the progress of the project. The date and time of these meetings will be determined by the vendor and our tribal telecom employees

Site Review

  • Before the equipment installation, there will be an onsite review of the landscape for the respective microwave and base node site locations. The first location is our Broadband Tower located at the following coordinates, 47°53’21.8″N 118°00’58.2″W. This location will have the Ceragon microwaves mounted on it. The second location is our Elementary School located at the following coordinates, 47°53’21.6″N 117°59’07.9″W. This location will have the Ceragon microwaves, and 1 (one) Tarana Base Node mounted on it.

Equipment Purchasing and installation

  • The awarded vendor will review the equipment that has been purchased by the Tribe prior to creating an equipment list.
  • The awarded vendor will purchase any other associated equipment needed to perform the installation at each site location. Each site should have a separate cost sheet associated with the items needed.
  • All equipment will be reviewed and approved of by the Spokane Tribe of Indians (STOI) public works director.
  • Installation of the equipment will occur immediately as each piece of equipment arrives.
  • All installation work must follow proper local and state safety laws. Especially electrical installation work.
  1. Location (School Building)
    • The vendor will install a multiband microwave dish (AM-2-18/80-DP/SP-MT 2′ Dish) to top of microwave mount and point towards New Wellpinit mountain tower. 8-degree tilt.
    • The vendor will adjust 18GHz microwave dish for dual polarization.
    • The vendor will attach two Ceragon high-frequency IP50C-F-18w-H/IP-50E-DX0H-ESSQ to top of 2-foot microwave dish.
    • Connect radios using data_sharing_CBL on port 4.
    • Run two new CAT5e cables between radio units and the telecom room. Connect CAT5e cables to MGMT ports (port 6) on the radios.
    • Run new multi-mode fiber cable between telecom room and new Ceragon Radios.
    • Run DC power cable 14/2 between radio units and telecom room, then terminate properly.
    • Ground both CAT5e and DC power cables per R56 standards.
    • Install 2 new DC inverters inside telecom rooms.
    • Install 2 new surge suppressors inside telecom room.
    • Remove existing radio equipment.
    • Peak Ceragon 80GHz microwave RSL to -18.2.dBm

Labor and supplies cost

  • All tower and wireless equipment must be mounted and aligned according to proper wireless standards.
  • Please review the associated documents with this RFP to review the already purchased supplies and other necessary wireless items.


  • The vendor will provide and execute the installation plan.
  • The construction and implementation of each site will have to follow all necessary safety protocols.
  • The vendor will provide a schedule indicating key milestones and completion date.
  • The vendor will mount the associated wireless equipment based on information provided by the Spokane Tribe of Indians (STOI) public works director……


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Equipment List: