Sp’q’n’i? Broadband Services Program

We have a few important announcements for you all:

  • Tower Update
    • The Wellpinit Mountain Tower is live and working!
    • The McCoy Area Tower is under installation and testing! The tower should be live and working within 1 month!
    • The Wilkinson Tower is under installation and construction! Although there was a delay in construction due to the stolen equipment, the tower should be live and working within 2 months!
    • The Miller Mountain Tower is currently in a wait-state. We hope to have an emergency FCC waiver in order to offer our services from a site location off of the STOI reservation! Unfortunately, we do not have a timeframe for this process.
  • Initial Test Installations
    • We will begin the internet test installations in the Wellpinit Senior Housing Area next week! Test installations do take time as we want to ensure quality service to our customers. We expect to complete around 2 to 5 internet test installations each working day.
    • After completion of the Senior Housing Area installations, we will move onto test installations for signed-up users based on their service area connection in the Wellpinit area. To explain, currently, some housing areas have better radio signal reception to the towers compared to others. In order to be efficient with our installations we will install customer equipment in housing areas that are in a good service area.
    • We will begin internet test installations in the Ford and WestEnd housing areas once the corresponding towers are completed!
    • All housing installations will be dependent on the weather as we want to keep our staff safe.
  • More Information
    • Sign-Up For The Service
    • We will be sending out weekly updates via STOI Info Email, STOI Website Posts and Rawhide Press Facebook Posts
    • Contacts
Leslie Hardwick
Telecom Billing Manager
Office: 509-818-1415
Johnny Kieffer
Office: 509-458-6543.
Cell: 509-954-8014.