Spokane Tribe 2020 Election Changes

In an effort to promote safety and protect our people, the Election Committee has proposed the following changes for the June 2020 election. These changes have been approved by Tribal Council:

  • Social Distancing is a requirement. People will need to remain 6 feet apart. There will be marked boxes where to stand & a limited number of people will be allowed in a polling station at one time.
  • Face masks are mandatory and it is suggested to use gloves. Election Committee/Board members will be handing out face masks & gloves at the door, you will not be allowed in the building without a face mask.
  • Pens will be given out to voters, please use the pen to vote and take it with you. Any pens left out will be quickly discarded.
  • Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be at all polling sites. Election Committee/Board members will be disinfecting door handles, ballot boxes, and any hard surfaces throughout the day.
  • Photo ID is still required. In an effort to protect everybody the Committee/Board member will sign in the Tribal Member. A clear partition will be separating the Election Committee/Board members and the public, please be respectful and show your ID through the partition.

Any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out the Election Committee members.


Tammy Kieffer (509)868-1293                     Georgia Wynne (509)724-1784

Marie Eli (509)685-3028                                Bre Brigman (509)435-5120