This program is dedicated to the community newspaper concept, each publication is locally managed to best serve the community, region, and Tribe in which it is located without excluding those Tribal members who reside off the Spokane Tribal Reservation boundaries. The overall view of this department is based on the mission statement of the Spokane Tribe of Indians and the objectives are made at each location & departments that the paper serves. The Rawhide shines a positive light on what Spokane Tribal Members, STOI Departments, or events that the Tribe is doing.

Accomplishments include but not limited to:
Indian Country Today Collaboration/extensive long hours working with multiple different Tribal journalists including but not limited to Solution Journalism Classes.
Grant funds/While working with ICT and WFF, the Rawhide Press received grant funds to purchase a high end camera that was needed for program and a paid internship for a Spokane Tribal Citizen. None of the funds were paid to staff for the work that went into grant.
Monthly deliverable – The Rawhide got the hard copy out to the public regardless of major postal issues, software malfunction and hard copy printer pressline failure.
Rawhide Facebook:
The Rawhide information gets out to the public in real time. 6,600+ people follow the RP. The information we give, keeps our community informed and up to date on important information regarding the Tribe.
We have a limited budget and do the most with the resources available to us. The Rawhide Press is always looking for ways to improve & stay up on the latest technology for application to the Tribal Newspaper. This is continually being done at no cost to the Tribe.