Progressive-Design-Build Services

Click here for entire RFQ: TWO RIVERS MARINA PHASE 1 RFQ – FINAL

1.1 Project Overview:
The Spokane Tribal Enterprises (STE) is utilizing the Progressive-Design-Build contracting
procedure in an effort to enhance innovation and efficiencies between the designer and contractor,
while also realizing significant savings in the project’s schedule and budget. With these
established goals, STE is accepting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ’s) from Design-Builders
• Embrace an integrated project team model, including STE, OAC Services, specialty
consultants, and key subcontractors to focus solely on the best interest of the project, STE
staff, and stakeholders. STE will assist the Design-Builder in the selection of engineering
• Provide high quality Phase One services including scheduling, phasing logistics,
collaboration with the design consultants, manage and estimate design budgets and design
contingency solutions, coordinate environmental and hazmat investigation services and plans,
direct construction best practices, organize design investigative work and provide assistance
in the selection of materials and building systems, and solicit and manage subcontractor bid
packages and supplier bidding.

2.1 Project Scope:
The existing marina dock system is comprised of six (6) docks, fuel/store dock, and shore to
marina access. Phase 1 will be the complete replacement of A dock, fuel/store dock, and the shore
to marina access. Team will be tasked with assisting STE to design and build a cost effective,
space efficient, and aesthetically pleasing replacement facility that will last the next 40 to 50
years or longer.
2.2 Project Budget:
The current total project budget is $9.0 million dollars (hard and soft costs). The final scope of
work for the successful Design-Builder and associated budget for construction activities is
expected to be finalized in the Pre-Construction phase of the project.

Spokane Tribal Enterprises (STE) is seeking a highly qualified Design-Builder led by a strong Project
Manager and Designer to participate, as integrated team members, throughout design and construction.
Required services for the Design-Builder will include, as a fully integrated member of STE’s project
team: involvement in team meetings; critical-path method scheduling for buyout, construction, close-out
and move-in; manage design and design-team; preparation of detailed estimates of developing designs,
design alternates and construction documents, value engineering/analysis cost estimates; analyzing
alternative designs; regular systems analysis; performing value-engineering and life-cycle cost studies,
and constructability input to the developing design; managing and reporting on design solutions that
impact design and Owner contingencies; studying labor conditions; assist the Owner with AHJ issues
resolution, understanding construction methods and techniques; phasing and sequencing of work; early
preparation of subcontract and supplier bid packaging plans; preparation of sub-contract documents and
selection process; scheduling and conducting site and existing building investigations; identification of
early award and long-lead packages and early bidding and award if required; collaboration with
archeological, environmental site and building investigations, testing and inspection services; and
subcontract bidding and bid analysis. The Design-Builder must be familiar with the local labor and
subcontracting market and be capable of working with subcontractors to generate viable pricing
alternatives. These and other services are described in more detail in the Contract Documents
During the Construction phase, the Design-Builder services shall include: holding weekly project team
meetings; sub-contract administration; CPM schedule development, maintenance and reporting; sub-contract claims and impact analysis; change and issue management; time and cost control, including claims mitigation; quality control and assurance; safety management; the coordination and management
of all construction activities; payment of all materials, labor and equipment; preparing all daily, weekly
and monthly reports of progress, cost, quality issues, claims mitigation, and completion activities; and
project records maintenance. These and other services shall be described in more detail in the Contract