Phase 1 Resolution Summary and Resolution Download

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  • Face Masks are Required. All individuals, including non-Residents, must wear a Face Mask that covers their nose and mouth any time they leave their
  • Playgrounds are Closed. All playgrounds, parks, and sports facilities are
  • New Fishing and Hunting Restrictions. All on-Reservation fishing and hunting is limited to enrolled Tribal Members only. Spouse and Descendant hunting is
  • Recreational Areas Closed. All Recreational Areas, including but not limited to all campgrounds and the Two Rivers RV Park, are closed to all
  • Pow-Wow Grounds Closed. The Pow-Wow grounds are closed to all individuals except those who are in isolation or
  • Stay at Home Order is in Effect. All Reservation residents are directed to remain in their homes unless obtaining necessary supplies or providing essential
  • Social Gathering Limitations. All indoor social gatherings will non-household members are prohibited. Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 5 non-household
  • Non-Essential Travel is Restricted. Do not travel to Idaho, farther than 75 miles from the Reservation, or any COVID-19 hotspots. Employees may be required to
  • Religious or Cultural Ceremonies are Limited to 30 Family Members. No meals or receptions for wakes, funerals, or weddings. Attendance records
  • Partial Shut Down of Governmental Services. Tribal facilities are closed to the public. All in-person services are by appointment only and are limited to essential
  • Moccasin Express Operations are Suspended. Transportation for paratransit and medical appointments remains available, but all other routes are
  • Gyms are Directed to Close. This includes the Boys & Girls Club and Wellpinit School District to the maximum extent
  • Senior Centers are Closed for In-Person Services. Meals will be
  • Youth Programs Must End All After School Activities and All Organized Youth Sports. Youth Programs must follow CDC and DOH
  • Educational Facilities Must End All After School Activities. Educational Facilities must follow CDC and DOH

          Tribal Casinos Shall Follow Internal Policies.

  • Spokane Tribal Enterprises Shall Follow Internal
  • Tribal Governmental Shall Follow Internal
  • Violators May be Subject to Penalties. Possible fines of up to $500.00 and jail up to 90 days. Non-Spokane Tribal Members may be excluded from the
  • Effective as of November 17, 2020. Restrictions in effect until further


This summary is offered for informational purposes only. Please see Resolution 2021-079 for full language and details.