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 VACANCY ANN. #:    STOI-22-036

TITLE:                             PERSONAL CARE PROVIDER



LOCATION:                  WELLPINIT, WA

STATUS:                        PART-TIME

SALARY:                        $15.00 – $16.00/PER HOUR

OPENING DATE:        MARCH 16, 2022



The Personal Care Program will coordinate medical services with the Indian Health Services (IHS) Community Health Representative (CHR) and the Tribe’s Department of Social Services (DSS). The Personal Care Program will provide eligible individuals residing on the Spokane Tribe of Indian’s Reservation located in Steven’s County with services in daily living activities care and supervision medical assistance; and provide referral information for other licensed Home Health Care facilities in the serviceable area.


Provide basic and advanced personal care services to eligible elderly and developmentally delayed individuals residing on the Spokane Reservation in the areas of:

  • Assistance with care of hair, teeth, dentures, the basic personal hygiene, and grooming needs. Supervising client when performing the tasks, assisting client when caring for own appearance.
  • Supervising and guiding client when client is dressing and undressing, assisting with difficult tasks such as tying shoes and buttoning, and completely dressing or undressing consumer when unable to participate in dressing or undressing self.
  • Supervising consumer able to bathe self when guided, assisting consumer with difficult tasks such as getting in or out of the tub or washing back, completely bathing the consumer if totally unable to wash self. Include giving the consumer a bed bath when bathing in the tub is not a feasible alternative.
  • Includes supervising assistance with difficult tasks such as cutting food or buttering bread, and feeding the consumer when unable to feed self.
  • Supervising the consumer when able to care for own toileting needs if guided, helping consumer to and from the bathroom, assisting with bedpan routines, diapering and lifting client on and off the toilet.
  • Supervising the consumer when walking alone or with the help of a mechanical device such as a walker if guided.  Assisting with difficult parts of walking such a climbing stairs, supervision the consumer if the consumer is able to propel a wheelchair if guided, pushing the wheelchair, and providing constant physical assistance to the consumer if totally unable to walk alone or with mechanical device.
  • Assistance with getting in and out of bed or wheelchair on and off the toilet or in and out of the bathtub. Includes supervising the client when able to transfer if guided, providing steadying, and helping the client when client assists in own transfer. Lifting the client when client is unable to assist in his or her own transfer requires specialized training.
  • Positioning means assisting the consumer to assume a desired position. Positioning includes assistance in turning and positioning to prevent secondary disabilities, such as contractor and balance deficits.
  • Assisting the consumer to self-administer medications prescribed by attending physician. Includes reminding the consumer of and handing the medication container to the client, and opening a container.
  • Assisting the client with exercise, skin care including application of ointments or lotions, changing dry bandages or dressings not requiring professional judgment.
  • Travel to Medical Services means accompanying or transporting the consumer to a physician’s office or clinic in the local area to obtain medical diagnosis or treatment.
  • Assistance with shopping to meet the consumer’s health care or nutritional needs. Assisting when the consumer can participate in shopping and doing the shopping when the client is unable to participate.


  • Must be 18 years & older
  • Ability to work in a demanding environment
  • Valid Washington State drivers license, proof of insurance & Tribally Insurable preferred


  • Complete Fundamentals of Caregiving class (70 hour course) within first 120 days of Employment in coordination with ALTCEW
  • 12 hours of continuing education each year as a mandatory refresher course
  • Successful clearance of criminal history and background inquiry
  • Successful clearance of FBI Fingerprint based background check
  • Complete First Aid/CPR; HIV; Senior Safety and Food Handlers.


Must Apply On-line for Consideration;




Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Empero Corral

P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA 99040

(509) 458-6583 or (509) 458-6527, or Fax (509) 458-6556

E-mail: hrfrontdesk@spokanetribe.com

All Applications Must Be Received in the HR Department No Later Than 4:30 p.m. on the Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe of Indians Reserves The Right To Hire According To Its Indian Preference Policy

All Applicants Are Subject To A Pre-Employment Drug Test

All Positions With The Spokane Tribe Are Subject To A-90 Day Orientation