Native Wellness and Traditional Foods

To support wellness and diabetes awareness, the Native Diabetes Wellness Program has gathered a collection of stories about tribal efforts to reclaim traditional foods.

Currently in the office I have Eagle Books for aimed at grades K-4 and I have 25 of each book in the collection. These books are FREE from the CDC!

These books are very vibrant in color and include pictures of native children and traditional foods– very neat!

Please contact me at either or by calling HHS at 509-258-7502 if you would like a set of the collection. Additionally, here is the link to the CDC website where the books can be located and printed as a PDF. If you order a set yourself from the website it takes several weeks to get the books in. I ordered my sets of 25 in October and am just now receiving — so about three weeks for shipment.

Happy Monday! 😊 Eat healthy, make good choices, drink your water!!!