Modular Office Facility-Extended

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The Spokane Tribe of Indians Domestic Violence Program is seeking bids from reasonable, responsive, responsible, qualified, persons possessing the ability to provide the Tribe with a Modular Office facility for our Domestic Violence Program. This project is funded by the Spokane Tribal Domestic Violence Program and U.S. Treasury ARPA funds, this RFB and specification will be used to determine all necessary information for interested vendors to use when finalizing a bid. To be considered responsive, responsible, reliable and qualified, bids must be received on or before the closing date and time.


Scope of Work

Summary – This Contract is for services located at 6211 B Ford Wellpinit Rd. Wellpinit, WA 99040 on the Spokane Indian Reservation. The contract is for the purchasing, delivery, and installation of a modular office facility for our Domestic Violence Program. The following are the specifications needed for the facility:

  1. 24’X60’ modular with kitchen, bathroom, and shower
  2. 4-5 offices 12’X12’
    1. 1 will be used as a sleeping nook
  3. Reception area
  4. Common area 36’X24’
  5. Closed Common area 24’X24’
  6. Kitchen for staff and potential DV victims (individuals/families)
  7. Staff restroom
  8. Restroom for DV victims with a shower
  9. Laundry hookups
  10. 80lb snow-load roof
  11. Install tie downs
  12. Block and level

In addition to the above specifications, the modular must also follow the following U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) minimum construction requirements and recommendations:

The following Permanent Modular/Manufactured Home Facility “Requirements” shall supersede

HUD and Tribe preferred codes and requirements:

  1. Soils testing and geotechnical foundation recommendations are required.
  2. A Professional Licensed Structural Engineer shall design all Permanent Foundation Systems.
  3. A Permanent Foundation System shall use reinforced concrete piers and/or crawl space structural steel column supports and shall be welded/bolted to both the concrete pier(s) and Modular steel frame(s).
  4. The Modular structure and foundation shall be designed to meet specific site location and code for dead/live load, wind, and seismic conditions.
  5. As a minimum, the modular/manufactured structure shall be permanently supported on reinforced concrete or steel piers to a depth of one foot below local frost depth. Piers shall be located under the modular steel frames, under the modular perimeter and marriage wall(s) floor framing.

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