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Computer Assistant (GS6)

Agency – Indian Health Service

Serves as computer assistant for the Wellpinit Service Unit (WSU).


·         Serve as Computer Assistant for Wellpinit Service Unit

·         Provide Tier 1 support services

·         Serve as the primary point of contact for initiating and establishing network system access

·         Distribute and redistribute IT equipment in the Wellpinit Service Unit

·         Assist the lead computer assistant with other duties as assigned

Positions are temporary, time-limited appointments and will not be made permanent.

Background Security clearance checks are required.

You must meet the job requirements at the time you submit your resume. Requirements are listed at:

E-mail resumes to: Indicate on your resume which position you are applying for and attach all supporting documents (i.e., BIA-4432, transcripts, licenses, etc.).

Employees hired under this authority may be eligible for health benefits, flexible spending accounts, long-term care insurance, sick leave, and annual leave.

Susie Abrahamson, Program Support Assistant

Wellpinit Service Unit

PO Box 357

6203 Agency Loop Rd

Wellpinit, WA 99040

509-258-4517 ext. 4166

509-258-7152 Fax


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Jeremy A. Howell, DHA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

David C. Wynecoop Memorial Clinic

PO BOX 357-Wellpinit, WA. 99040

Phone: (509) 258-4517 ext. 4111

Fax: 509-258-7152



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