Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committee (STICWAC) – Vacancy

Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committee (STICWAC)

 The role of the STICWAC shall be to advise the Spokane Tribal Department of Children and Family Services on matters related to the welfare of Indian children and families domiciled or residing on or near the Spokane Indian Reservation.

REQUIREMENTS FOR COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP (Five members, one alternate member)

  1. At least three members shall be members of the Spokane Tribe, which may include the alternate, and shall reside in one of the following counties: Stevens, Spokane, or
  2. Remaining members may be of Spokane Tribal descent, a spouse of a Spokane Tribal member, or a member of another Tribe but must reside on the Spokane Indian Reservation.
  3. No committee member may also be an employee of the Tribes’ Department of Health and Human Services.
  4. All members must pass a background check and have no convictions for crimes against children, felony domestic violence or felony drug/alcohol related
  5. Committee members must follow and adhere to the Tribe’s nepotism
  • Please submit your LOI (Letter of Interest) detailing your background, experience and knowledge, as applicable, for Council
  • Spokane Tribal employees seeking consideration must also provide written approval from their direct supervisor and acknowledge the STOI policy for serving on
  • LOI’s should be submitted to the Council offices at the Admin Building or by email to