Wellness and Diabetes Education

Our mission is to provide wellness and diabetes education to assist individuals and families with their goals to a healthier lifestyle.

What can our program offer you?

  • Gas cards
    • Breast Health (Men & Women)- Appointment slip needed
    • Diabetes (Anyone on the Diabetic registry through IHS Wellpinit Clinic) -Referral slip needed
  • Support Services
    • Diabetic registry
      • Shoes
      • Cookbooks
      • Foot Scrubs/Brushes
      • Mirrors
      • Diabetic Lotions
      • Etc. (Please let us know if other support services are needed)

We host community events and fitness challenges for all community members.

All challenges have incentives you can win! 


Februarys Challenge:

"Seven Day NO Challenge"

Can you say no to pop, candy, or what about energy drinks for 7 days?

We have a new challenge this month where you could win health incentives! We have items such as stainless steel water bottles, meal prepping kits, kitchen items, ninja choppers, and etc!

Attached below is the form for tracking and reporting for this months challenge! Follow our Facebook page for updates!!



"Yoga Challenge"

Attend and participate in our free yoga classes sponsored by Spokane Tribes Wellness program.

You have a chance to attend 10 free classes total through the months of January & February to earn an incentive.

Our instructor Amanda Abrahamson is very knowledgeable in the ways of Buti Yoga. Her teaching abilities are transforming not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

"Did you know that Yoga therapy increases the number of insulin receptors and increases the proportion of receptor binding in patients with diabetes. It improves insulin kinetics by reducing fasting insulin levels, shifting the peak insulin level to the left, and by normalizing the insulin-to-glucose ratio" (Raveendran, Deshpandae, & Joshi, 2018).

(Flyer is at the bottom of the page along with the YOGA schedule!)


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Krista Colvin

Community Project Manager

(Wellness & Diabetes)


258-7502 ext. 45


I am Krista Colvin, a Spokane Tribal Member who resides on the Spokane Indian Reservation. I have my Bachelors in Social Work and I am currently working on my Masters of Social Work with my graduation date set for June 2020. My passion is to improve the overall wellness of not only the Spokane Tribal people, but of all people who are a part of the community. I want to provide opportunities of Wellness for our people to utilize to enhance their health concerns such as Diabetes. I have a lot of experience in meal planning, weight lifting, and other areas such as Diabetes. Still currently learning a lot and obtaining information, but I am excited to be working with my people.