Executive Director

Vacancy#: STOI-


Salary: DOE; Negotiable




Benefit Options: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Insurance

Opening Date: March 26, 2024

Closing Date: April 26, 2024 or Until Filled


The Executive Director is charged with leading all governmental operations as directed by the Spokane Tribal Business Council (TBC). The Executive Director is responsible to ensure that Tribal management, operational, fiscal, and personnel work effectively and efficiently to deliver governmental services. The Executive Director has the authority and responsibility to implement the legislative actions, personnel policies and annual budgets as approved and directed by the TBC.

The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership of business affairs of the organization, and the ongoing development of a strategic plan as approved by the TBC. This position reports directly to the TBC and is responsible for the direct leadership and administration for the government. Incumbent is accountable to identify the need for action by the TBC to develop or revise policies, procedures and specific organizational performance areas.

The incumbent will direct and oversee the development of all Spokane Tribal program plans, budgets, leadership training and development plans. Incumbent will be accountable to ensure successful performance of the organizational goals, processes, and assignments. This position will be responsible to issue directives designed to secure the strategic alignment that supports the Spokane Tribe’s vision statement, program missions and comprehensive strategic goals as determined by the Spokane Tribe Business Council.

The incumbent must have a proven track record of success in a leadership position overseeing operations of an organization, while maintaining solid working relationships with staff, Business Council, and community.


· Provides a written report quarterly and annually, which will detail the organizational performance and corresponding needs toward the progress of key performance indicators which critically impact the strategic goals and objectives as set by the TBC.

· Build a collaborative process among executive level team members in order to develop optimal executive team cohesion and performance.

· Is required to be present and if necessary report to the general council during all special meetings.

· Participates and assists in the development of policies, procedures and ordinances which allow for the delivery of quality and efficient program services to the Tribal community.

· Assures that all Tribal and applicable federal or state employment laws are the basis for management actions relating to hiring, discipline or termination of employees.

· Ensures all staff are in compliance with all provisions of Tribal, Federal and State laws as applicable.

· Provide leadership in the development and management of Tribal fiscal budgets, assure timely submittal of annual budgets for TBC review and adoption.

· Cultivate, develop and demonstrate successful leadership ability and direct line authority over division directors and corresponding outcomes for up-to-date and modernized business practices.

· Utilize effective leadership overseeing operations, while maintaining constructive relationships with staff and TBC to streamline and improve program outcomes.

· Build and strengthen community engagement strategies.

· Required to be on-site to actively engage with staff to maximize operational efficiency.

· Make decisions relating to hiring, termination, evaluation, promotion, training, discipline and supervision of all staff. Much of this responsibility may be delegated to Directors and the Department of Human Resources, but the incumbent must monitor these activities to ensure compliance with the provisions of policy and applicable law.

· Shall provide both oral and written reports to the TBC as requested or required.

· Provides capacity to mediate or resolve organizational conflicts, manage conflict remedies and solutions.

· Advises the Spokane Tribal Business Council when it is necessary to revise or amend administrative policies and procedures.

· Provides a leadership and organizational development and training plan each year, which also includes the organizational training needs and their associated cost estimates.

· Provides leadership, direction and support to Directors to build program growth and effective services.

· Evaluates the performance of Directors not less than twice each year.

· Provides correspondence, reports and oral or written testimony essential to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director.

· Duties and responsibilities may be revised or amended at the discretion of the Spokane Tribal Business Council.


· Lead the vision and mission of the organization, along with the governing body, and program directors, so that highly effective programs and services are delivered to the Tribal Community.

· Must have knowledge of Tribal programs, services, general administrative procedures and modern government operations and strategies.

· Must have knowledge of Federal and State laws, policies and regulations pertaining to Tribal operations, programs and services.

· This senior level executive position requires 7 years or more administrative experience with personnel and organizational budget development and fiscal systems and supervision.

· Must have ability to plan, delegate, and lead the work of subordinates.

· Must have ability to plan and direct a complex business organization and associated work programs.

· Must have ability to develop, present and gain acceptance of long-range extensive program plans and budgets.

· Must have ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Federal, State, Regional and Local agencies, community leaders and the general public as necessitated by work and assignments.

· Must have excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills and the ability to express ideas effectively both orally and in writing.

· Must have ability to evaluate and appraise the effectiveness and quality of Tribal operations, proposed business plans, programs and services.

· Must have ability to review and investigate matters to draw reasonable conclusions.

· Must be able to lead with development of comprehensive plans, Tribal and community based.

· Must be able to lead program managers with Federal and State Legislative relationships.

· Must have knowledge in contract/grant writing, negotiation and training.


· Commitment to results with an emphasis on modern governmental strategic positioning

· Experience leading change

· Experience in strategic planning

· Effective motivational and staff leadership abilities

· Effective conflict resolution strategies

· Excellent communication and presentation skills

· Positive attitude, integrity, impeccable work ethic

· Knowledge with the use of technology and Microsoft Office


Required Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in Business Administration, Finance/Accounting, Planning, Public Administration or course work in a discipline applicable to the requirements of the position AND 5 years of senior (top level standing) administrative or senior (top level standing) leadership experience responsible for multiple operations and functions to meet strategic organizational goals and objectives OR a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Business Administration, Finance/Accounting, Planning, Public Administration or course work in a discipline applicable to the requirements of the position AND 7 years of senior (top level standing) administrative or senior level leadership experience responsible for multiple operations and functions to meet strategic organizational goals. Experience in Tribal governmental operations are preferred. Must be able to demonstrate Executive Management experience in a comparable position.


· This position is classified as a senior level executive Tribal position. The applicant must complete a form authorizing a background check in order to be considered for an interview for the position, and must provide a release of information enabling a complete and thorough background investigation.

· Must have a valid State driver’s license, a good driving record and meet the Tribal insurance requirements.

· Must be able to travel on behalf of the organization.

· Must be bondable.


Applications are available online @ https://www.spokanetribe.com/jobs

Apply online: https://spokanetribe.bamboohr.com/careers/295?source=aWQ9MTg%3D

Contact: Jennifer Covington, HR Director

P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA 99040

(509) 458-6569

FAX: (509) 458-6556

E-mail:   jennifer.covington@spokanertribe.com

Final Applications or Portfolios are due no later than 4:30 p.m. on the closing date.

The Spokane Tribe reserves the right to hire according to the Spokane Tribal Indian Preference Policy.

Applicants are subject to a Pre-Employment Drug Test.