Employee Recognition – Leslie Hardwick

Employee Recognition
Last week, as part of our Phenomenal Friday, we recognized Leslie Hardwick, Telecom Billing Manager, for her phenomenal contributions to the Sṕq́ńiʔ Broadband Services. Leslie, who I will refer to here as the last man standing, did not give up as she watched STTX dissolve and her co-workers slowly go their separate ways. She endured and took on much more than she should have ever had to. She also stood strong through the administration reorganization twice in the past year and now another change as we transition from planning out operations to actual operation of services. Leslie wore many hats, but she succeeded. The Tribe now has internet services and much of this is owed to her relentless spirt and courage. Courage to learn new things, courage to make mistakes, courage to keep moving forward even if it was not perfect and courage to ask for help when needed. Mistakes were made along the way, but lessons were also learned. I have witnessed significant professional growth in Leslie over the past year. Now that we have other staff in place, Leslie can take a break and gear up for her next phase in professional development. I will not make this announcement for her, but watch.., we will see even more phenomenal Leslie over the next few years! 😊
Leslie, thank you for all you have done to improve the Quality of Life for the Spokane Tribal membership and for all you will do in the future.
Chamisa Radford, MURP
Director of Public Works
Office: 509-458-6592 Ext. 430
Cell Phone: 509-904-6291