Community Development Fund

Community Development Fund

 The Spokane Tribe of Indians established a Community Development Fund to raise funds for Community identified projects for specific purpose of infrastructure and other public purposes projects within the Reservation that benefit the health and well-being of the residents of the Reservation. The first project identified is the renovation or replacement of the Community Center located on the West-end portion of the Reservation.

This fund is established so that donations to the fund are tax deductible for the donors pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Section 7871(a)(1)(A) and Internal Revenue Code Section 170(c)(1). This will enable all donors to write-off their donation for income tax purposes.

The Tribe established this Web Page to keep the public updated on fund raising projects and to inform the public of the results of fund raising activities.

If you wish to donate online, you can Click Here

and follow the appropriate options on the web-page.

JamFest 2012

This page is dedicated to aid in the the development of the new West End Community Center. JamFest 2012 was recently held at the Two Rivers Casino. It was our first fundraiser directed towards the Community Development Fund. In attendace were numerous bands, which included several of our local musicians

Councilmen Rudy, Bear and Matt enjoying the festivities

Rusty Flett from "Midnite Mine" doing a solo on the Bass

Rick Mathews, also from "Midnite Mine" giving us a riff on his electric guitar

Fancy Nancy and Rose being entertained

Joseph Wynecoop from "Severed" closing down the night