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Veteran Post Update – 10/22

Monthly Update,

I helped 9 Veterans and one widow fill out the Stevens County Voucher Relief Application. Contacted local and outside Vendors that Veterans can go to, to get what they need; i.e. firewood, pellets, presto logs and tires. Followed up with Stevens County and Vendors on the checks that were approved. I also called and checked in on Veterans to check their well being and follow up with them on their claims.
I got help and direction on who to contact about getting the memorial going, Changes are being made to the inside and needed updated prints. I’m hoping to get The Battlefield Cross instead of the water fountain.
The VFW program helped with gas money ($20 for each appointment, total of $100.00 for October) for Veterans to get to their doctor appointments, transported Veterans to the appointments and helped them buy parts for their plumbing. Created community service reports, audit reports and online reports.
Pat attended the Veterans Honoring Ceremony on 10/8/22 that the AIVAC group hosts yearly.