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RATE OF PAY: $28.00 – $36.00 / PER HOUR



We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Clinical Supervisor to join our team in the Spokane Tribe of Indians community on the Spokane Reservation. This position plays a critical role in providing clinical oversight, supervision, and support to our SUD treatment programs. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of SUD treatment modalities, cultural competence, and a commitment to serving the needs of our community.



  • Provide clinical supervision: Oversee the delivery of SUD treatment services, including individual and group counseling, assessments, and case management. Provide clinical supervision to counselors and staff, ensuring adherence to best practices and ethical guidelines.
  • Develop treatment plans: Collaborate with clients to develop individualized treatment plans based on comprehensive assessments and clinical recommendations. Monitor progress, adjust treatment goals as needed, and ensure continuity of care.
  • Conduct assessments: Perform thorough assessments of clients’ substance use history, mental health status, and social determinants of health. Utilize evidence-based assessment tools and diagnostic criteria to inform treatment planning and interventions.
  • Ensure compliance: Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, including Washington Administrative Code (WAC), related to SUD treatment programs. Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation, records, and reporting as required.
  • Provide clinical oversight: Review and approve treatment plans, progress notes, and discharge summaries. Provide consultation and support to staff on complex cases, crisis intervention, and clinical decision-making.
  • Coordinate care: Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, including healthcare providers, tribal agencies, and community organizations, to coordinate care and support services for clients. Facilitate referrals to additional resources as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned that are logical assignments.



  • Thorough understanding of SUD treatment modalities, including Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and trauma-informed care.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively with diverse populations.
  • Proficiency in electronic health record (EHR) systems and Microsoft Office Suite.


Preferred requisite experience

  • Knowledge of cultural competency principles and experience working with Indigenous communities preferred.
  • Training or certification in trauma-informed care and/or Indigenous healing practices.
  • Experience using electronic health record (EHR) systems, such as Epic or Cerner.



  • Associate degree in Addiction Studies or bachelor’s degree in a health-related field with a focus on Addiction.
  • Fully credentialed Substance Use Disorder Professional in WA State.
  • Minimum of five years of experience providing direct clinical services in SUD treatment settings, with at least two years of supervisory experience.
  • Licensed Substance Use Disorder Professional (SUDP) or equivalent certification in the state of Washington.
  • The license must be without restrictions and have been in good standing for the previous two years.
  • A minimum of fifteen clock hours of training in clinical supervision obtained through:
    • A supervision course; or
    • Continuing education credits on supervision; or
    • Documented Supervision of supervision
    • Valid drivers license and a good driving record


*Safety Sensitive Background; Employees who work with Youth, Caseworkers, Law Enforcement, Tribal Court Personnel, Social Workers, and Employees working with vulnerable clientele are considered safety sensitive types of positions which require a high standard of performance and behavior.


*FBI Background; The Tribe is authorized to perform a criminal background check, including a character investigation, on employees and applicants. Individuals in positions or being considered for positions involving regular contact with, or control over, Indian children in accordance with the Federal Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act, Public Law 101-630



Apply on-line today: https://spokanetribe.bamboohr.com/careers/294?source=aWQ9MTg%3D



Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Empero Corral

Ph.: (509) 458-6583, (509 458-6527, Fax: (509) 458-6556

 E-mail: hrfrontdesk@spokanetribe.com

All Applications Must Be Received in the HR Department No Later Than 4:30 p.m.

 On the Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe of Indians Reserves the Right

To Hire According To Its Indian Preference Policy

All Applicants Are Subject To a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Safety Sensitive Positions Will Also Test for Marijuana

All Positions with the Spokane Tribe Are Subject To A-90 Day Orientation

Human Resource March 2023

Spokane Tribal Preference Report March 2023

ETHNICITY Temporary Part-time Seasonal Full-Time % of Total
Spokane 281 5 11 12 253 57.46%
Spouse of Spokane 8 8 1.64%
First Line Descendent 17 1 1 15 3.48%
Member Other Tribe 66 2 2 62 13.50%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 14 2 12 2.86% 78.94%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 1 1 0.20%
Non Indian 19 19 3.89%
Hispanic 3 3 0.61%
Black 6 6 1.23%
White 72 3 1 2 66 14.72%
Two or More Races 2 2 0.41%
STOI Total Employees: 489 12 13 17 447 100.00%

HR Highlights/Status

  • Policy Manual – Estimate: 30% complete. R. McGee, LLC delivered first draft, 4/5/23.  Next goal is to send completed draft to Executive Team prior to a formal collaboration/input meeting on April 25, 2023.
  • Bluestone Compensation Study Update– Estimate: 25% complete. Bluestone expects to have the first draft delivered by 4/12/23.  The project is expected to be completed by mid-May in preparation for FY 24 budget planning.  Proper training and Implementation will be a focus for FY 24.
  • 101.630- The Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act.  Requires that individuals employed in positions that have regular contact with or control over Indian children undergo a thorough background investigation and meet the minimum character standards for suitability pursuant to the Act; such positions are referred to as the Identified Positions set forth.
    • Compliance Plan Update – Estimate: 10% complete. In development and full compliance expected within 4 months of policy approval.
  • HR SOP Development Update: 25% complete.
    • Benefits: 75% complete. Projected completion 6/1/23
    • HR Job Documentation 40% Complete.
  • Safety Committee
    • Held an initial meeting. A safety training is set for May 18th and a logistics planning call set for April 14th.
  • Employee Appreciation Planning date set for 4/21/23 at 10 a.m.

Future Projects

  • Safety Training / collaborate with safety committee, next meeting May 2023
  • Employee Recognition Planning and Calendar  – plan and set dates for spring and summer events
  • 101.630 Policy and Procedure Compliance Development & Implementation – meeting in May 2023
  • Electronic Storage and Document storage requirements – Ongoing with technology upgrades
  • Process Improvement – Build efficiency (technology integration)
  • SOPs – Develop/ Update existing/ Job Documentation
  • Tribal Policy Update  – Finalize. Set training & Implementation with ELT, document in final draft.
  • Comp Study – Finalize. Set training and implementation, document due mid April 2023.

Any questions, please contact:

HR Front Desk – 509-458-6527, Ailaina Cooney

509-458-6583, HR Analyst, Sabrina McCoy

509-458-6574, Benefits Manager, Tammy Kieffer

509-458-6569, HR Director, Jennifer Covington

HR January 2023

Spokane Tribe Human Resources: January 2023

  • Active Employees January 2023:  479
  • Positions Advertised January 2023:  7
  • Interviews January 2023:  6
  • New Hires January 2023 : 5
  • New Hires October 2022:  8
  • New Hires November 2022: 8
  • New Hires December 2022: 6
Total Tribal Preference – January 2023 Temporary Regular Part Time Seasonal Regular Full Time Total % (Rounded)
Spokane (s)11 11 10 13 244 278 58%
Spouse of Spokane (sp) 9 9 2%
First Decendent Spokane (sd) 2 2 15 19 4%
Member of Other Tribe (m) 4


3 3 70 80 17%
Hispanic (h) 3 3 1%
Black (b) 4 4 1%
White (w) 4 2 80




Total:18 19 15 20 425 479 100%

Project 2022-2023: Spokane Tribe Policy Manual, Update

The Spokane Tribal Government has been working on the development of a new employee policy manual since early Spring 2022.   HR has been working with the Office of the Spokane Tribal Reservation Attorney’s Office (OSTA), Richard McGee Law Office, LLC and the Tribal Business Council (TBC).  The initial meeting focus was to gain direction for policy development which will  encompass the unique sovereignty of the Spokane Tribe.

The first task has been to receive guidance from the Business Council. The second task will be to establish the necessary input from the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and finalize the new employee manual.  The Executive Leadership Team consists of all Directors within the Spokane Tribe’s Government.

January 2023 Update:  A draft is currently being finalized with the Legal team.  Once the draft is completed, ELT will be introduced to the process of working together to provide more detail to the initial framework done by Legal and the TBC.

Project 2023:  Technical Writer, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

At the direction of the Acting Executive Director, the development of (formal) Department SOPs will be underway in 2023.   The Tribe has launched the project by seeking professional services to begin working with ELT staff.  The project will help to establish formal departmental procedures, which will deliver quality, consistency and transparency for employees, clientele, and the community as a whole.

January 2023 Update:  The bids are being scored and reviewed to determine the professional service provider for this project.

Project 2023: Compensation Policy Update

This project began in 2019, pre-Covid.  The project was approved by the OED and TBC after at least two other attempts by prior administration in earlier years.  The Spokane Tribe engaged the services of the Bluestone Strategy Group.

As a result of Covid-19 impacts and administrative barriers, the project did not reach full implementation as intended.  The goal for 2023 is to update the compensation study with current local market comparisons.

Funding challenges are anticipated.  Some programs have adequate funding resources, while others do not. The responsibility remains with leadership to ensure funding challenges can be overcome.  TBC has been eager to encourage and support leadership’s ability to plan for success.   The opportunity is that the Tribe has this compensation structure with guidelines to aim for.   The compensation policy and guidelines establish consistent, fair, and equitable compensation for employee recruitment and retention.

January 2023 Update:  The project is ready to launch once the initial agreement is signed.  The target goal is to launch in February 2023 to be completed by May of 2023 in time for the FY 24 fiscal planning deadlines in July 2023.

Project 2022/2023: Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act (PL 202-630)

Pursuant to the Federal Code of Regulations 25 Part 63, SS 63.1, “The Tribe is required to establish minimum standards of character and suitability for employment for individuals whose duties and responsibilities allow the regular contact with or control over Indian children, and to establish the method for distribution of funds to support tribally operated programs to protect Indian children and reduce the incidents of family violence in Indian country as authorized by the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act of 1990, Pub. L. 101-630”.

The ELT is currently in the process to formally designate the 101.630 positions within the Tribal Government.  Additional policy development is also underway to begin working with the FBI to administer the backgrounding process and remain in compliance with the federal mandate.

January 2023 Update:  Currently we are awaiting completion and approval of the FBI process to give the Spokane Tribe authorization to conduct FBI backgrounds.