Carol Evans Swearing In and Reorganization

Carol Evans Sworn In as Spokane Tribal Business Council
Carol Evans sworn in as Spokane Tribal Business Council
I, Carol Evans, do solemnly swear and affirm that in the duties I am about to assume as a Member of the Spokane Tribal Business Council, I do recognize and respect, and I will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Spokane Tribe, of the Spokane Reservation, and that I will consider all matters set before me without prejudice and without partiality to the best of my ability, so help me God.
Carol Evans
Today, I took my fourth Oath of Office for the Spokane Tribal Business Council. I am honored to represent the Spokane Tribe and truly promise to serve to the best of my ability. The fourth Oath of Office was very different from the prior three due to the corona virus which has impacted all of us. This event was small due to our commitment to control this virus with: small gatherings, social distancing and wearing masks. The drum song was in our hearts as Greg Abrahamson, our Vice Chairman, opened the event with an invocation. Danny Kieffer and Glenn Ford attended along with Tiger Peone in spirit due to quarantine. We are thankful Tiger is “negative” and will be back in the office by the end of the week.
In normal times, I look to this event to renew commitments and receive from all attending: love and strength for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Today, I had to bring with me a piece of each one of my ancestors… strength and power through moccasins from Tum, beaded bag from qene, prayer of mestem, treasured shawl from cicya. Also, I received love and strength from my family in attendance-my husband Terry who made the beaded hat and belt I wore as well as my sister Celia (Quintima) who gifted me the ribbon skirt that signifies our strong bound. Also, I wore a necklace with all my children and my yaya’s in my heart. Without reservation, it is important that I honor all Spokane Tribal Citizens; thus, I wore a beautiful Spokane Tribal Centennial necklace beaded and gifted to me by our elder, Midge Flett; when she gifted it to me, I felt her gentle and silent strength and love. This all lifts me up in a time of fear in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic. I know we will get through this and we will survive by following the health guidelines including social distancing so the virus cannot pass from one to another; wearing masks because if you wear your mask, you protect me; and if I wear my mask, I protect you, thus we protect one another; proper sanitization methods (20 seconds of soap and water, often). Yes, we will get through this, together and stronger than before. Please be careful, be safe.
Also, today, we are witnessing a transformation in our world; a transformation that I believe will bring a divisive nation together, not apart. Black Lives Matter: I support our Black friends, their lives matter, they having feelings just like us; they breathe, just like us; they hurt and bleed, just like us. We share much with the Black Community- torture, slavery, and cultural genocide. This land was taken from our ancestors and the Blacks were taken from their lands and forced to build our Country through slavery.
It is time to give them their true freedom, in all respects. Black Lives Matter.
Our Tribe is also in a period of change: our people are speaking out and we must listen. We, the Elected Leaders, are here to serve and ask that our Directors and Staff also listen and serve the Tribal Citizens. It is time to listen; realize it is a new day; move forward for the betterment of the whole Spokane Tribal Nation. Thank you Spokane Tribe for allowing me to serve you. Take care, be safe.
Carol Evans
Chairwoman-Carol Evans
Vice-Chairman-Greg Abrahamson
Secretary Elect-Tiger Peone
Councilman-Danny Kieffer
Councilman-Glenn Ford