477 December 2022 Monthly Update

477 December 2022 Monthly Update



Annual Report Submitted.

Total served this year

  • 332 adults
  • 625 youth

Plan Amendment Submitted to the 477 Master Plan requesting that 477 fund the Boys and Girls Club.

Requested SIHA look into the possibility of allowing tenants operate child care programs from their rental units.

Language/Culture Report

December 27, 2022



  1. Preservation and Revitalization of the Spokane Tribal language, producing fluent

speakers utilizing Spokane Tribal history and cultural knowledge.

  1. Maximize the amount of people Teaching and Learning the


  1. Continue with Indigenous Curriculum Teachings at Back to the Heart School students ages 3-7


Monthly Report

  • Children of the Sun Trail – Gonzaga Students, WSDOT, Program Manager, Native Studies Director
  • ANA Grant for $82,806 2nd year of a 2 year grant Indigenizing Spokane Book 1 and Book 2
  • Website – spokanelanguageculture.com Updating the website and formatting website additions for Spokane Indigenous Knowledge Place Based Curriculum
  • Back to the Heart School -6th year of operation
  • Native Voices Endowment Grant – Publishing of 16 Books $19,746 per (2 year project)
  • Spokane Indigenous Knowledge Place Based Curriculum – around traditional Plant knowledge
  • Drafting Budget for Language Fluency Plan – based on Language House & Language/Culture Program meetings with Council
  • Prepping 8 more stories to be published in year 2
  • Staff building language fluency
  • Begun Writing a 3 year ANA Language Grant $300,000 per year, total $900,000.

MONTHLY REPORT- 11/20/22-12/20/2022

477 Child Development Office



  • Conscious Discipline ongoing training/support at TCC
    • Beginning phases at getting this going for PSELC and all Youth Centers
  • Early Achievers Coach Patrick visits ongoing both sites
    • More in depth at TCC as they are in rating process
  • New Rubber mulch @TCC waiting till spring/summer to be installed
  • Sewer smell reappeared at ELC briefly—looks like exhaust vent was covered with compact snow and ice, will need to develop a plan to prevent this from occurring again
  • TAS will begin for PSELC and TCC January 2023
  • New CCDF clients onboarding
  • New CCDF providers onboarding
  • Outreach for CCDF has started and shall continue to grow
  • CCDF grant process needs reviewed with COVID Inflation
    • Annual grants should perhaps become semi-annual
  • Closure protocols completed and ready to go to families
  • Provider Supports continue
  • Fire Safety activity completed with families @PSELC
  • Team Building Holiday events at both child care sites
  • Continual trainings occurring at both child cares
  • ECEAP winter break 12/19-30/2022


  • Vacancies:
    • TCC: 1 Lead, 1 TA, 2 Aides
      • 2 Emergency Hires have been requested
    • PSELC: Office Manager, FSA/Ed Manager, Health/Disabilities Manager, 2 Leads, 4 Assistants, CC Aides
    • CDM: Child Development Assistant Manager, Licensing Specialist
      • In process of updating Position Descriptions
  • TCC in the process of being rated for Early Achievers
  • PSELC awaiting The Loveit Way curriculum prior to requesting to be rated for Early Achievers
  • Staff completing their education agreements
    • Meetings happening, reviews being scheduled
  • TSG in process
  • Minor Renovations in process
  • Major Construction in planning
  • Community Needs Assessment needs developed
  • New CC facility needed for Spokane Site
    • Include the youth program
  • Applications need updated and loaded to an updated website page
  • Emergency Protocols need developed further and implemented

Wellpinit Site Monthly Report – DECEMBER 2022

Submitted by Bobbi Williams



Approved Pending Approved Pending Approved Pending  
10 0 3 0 47 2 62


  • Developed workshop calendar January – May 2023.    Culture classes will also resume in January.
  • Hosted “Linking Generations Strengthening Families” workshop
  • Completed issuance of December Incentives to clients who participated in the survey.



  • Culture Class Jan 2 – Jan 5 2023
  • Job Readiness Workshop Jan 9 – Jan 12 2023
  • Addressing Family Violence Workshop Jan 23 – Jan 26 2023
  • Looking at Outreach activities.   May collaborate with the youth centers to host movie night for Teens in Jan or Feb.


December 29, 2022


Monthly Report – Spokane Site 477/TANF

We currently have all of our positions filled, but are anticipating one vacancy in the Career Development section.

Our client numbers remain even with 75-80 per month for TANF and 20-25 for GA.

We are planning, as a department, to participate in the Homeless Coalition fair in January.  This will be attended by all Caseworkers and CDS but in shifts of three hours each.  Our goal is to make some connections to other organizations like ours serving the clients in our general area and demographic.

Our TANF and GA programs successfully completed our internal file audits.  This is a good learning experience for all staff involved.


The month of December for the 477 youth programs


West end youth center had 2 teen nights and a family bingo night. During the sites Christmas break West end took youth, jumping, skating sledding and also had a nice Christmas craft day for the youth.

Ford youth center had their Christmas craft day as well, also took the youth to Manito park, roller blading and did activities at the building.

Spokane youth center they took youth to laser max, flying squirrel, ice skating and they also had their Christmas party.

The youth sites both bought youth who attend the program Christmas gifts and offered them a lot of fun activities to do while on break. Going into the next month we will be recapping December go over what we will be doing in January and start our planning for spring break and summer break.

Education Monthly Report

Month: December



  • Student Thesis Presentation
  • Next Generation Zone collaboration
  • UOI/WSU meeting
  • Trying to work with Springdale

The Spokane Tribe Education Department is focused on advocating for our students in all of our programs. We have been promoting our JOM program at local resource fairs with our contract schools, and working towards better involvement. We now have a full committee and waiting on a meeting with TBC to have a quorum present so we can proceed with their expectations. This will allow us to re-establish our allowances and caps for financial services we potentially provide. Our Higher Education is working on collaboration with outside entities to better serve our youth/students.


Outreach growth, preparing for Spring/Summer Deadline coming in January, all reports turned in on time. We were able to make contact with Laina at WHS so that Avista can connect and we can work towards building that program/internship opportunity for our youth interested in Avista and Trade. Once applications come out, we will give to schools and have a couple students in mind already. I was present for the Tribal Education Cultivation Program, however there was only myself and another Tribal Representative, so they are rescheduling.