Vacancy Ann. # STOI-19-049
Rate of Pay DOE/DOQ
Opening Date MAY 29, 2019
Closing Date JUNE 12, 2019


The Spokane Tribe of Indians Tribal TANF Program promotes and supports Tribal children and their families reaching their full potential of becoming healthy, productive and self-sufficient.  This is done in a way that protects and benefits the Tribal children; respects and preserves their culture, values and traditions; gives families access as well as input into the full range of programs and services to promote their self-esteem, independence, self-sufficiency, and their educational experiences.


  • Build and sustain healthy, trusting, professional relationships with all families—past, present and future;
  • Interview clientele individually, in families, or in groups; assessing their situations, capabilities and problems in order to identify family strengths and goals—providing support and resources to maximize family success in achieving these goals;
  • Develop and review service plans in consultation with clients and perform follow-up assessments in regards to the quantity and quality of services provided;
  • Advise individuals, groups, families or communities regarding seeking assistance including mental health, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, physical abuse, rehabilitation, social adjustment, child care, medical care or any other needs they may need assistance with;
  • Serve as a liaison between students, homes, schools, family services, doctors and other contacts to help children who face problems such as disabilities, abuse or poverty;
  • Advise parents with child rearing problems—interviewing the child and family to determine whether additional assistance is needed;
  • Research and link families to community services as needed and/or desired such as job placement, debt counseling, legal aid, housing, medical treatment or financial assistance; and provide concrete information such as where to go and how to apply;
  • Coordinate and integrate family support services as needed and/or desired such as child care, homemaker services, prenatal care, substance abuse treatment, job training, counseling or parenting classes to prevent more serious problems from developing; and provide concrete information such as where to go and how to apply;
  • Arrange for medical, psychiatric and other tests that may disclose causes of difficulties and indicate remedial measures;
  • Plan and coordinate activities designed to support parent engagement, involvement and leadership;
  • Maintain active case history records and prepare reports utilizing multiple computer programming and tracking software systems;
  • Collect supplementary information needed to assist client such as employment records, medical records, school reports or any other assistances requested by the client.


  • Provide program orientation to parents and families as to their rights and responsibilities in the program;
  • Assist parents to identify and develop personal strengths. Provide leadership and service opportunities for family members;
  • Assist management team in supporting families to ensure adequate children’s health screenings occur regularly and all children are up-to-date with immunizations;
  • Serve as an advocate or spokesperson for families; providing family support by collecting and distributing developmental, health and nutrition information.  Offer consultation and advice on issues such as child health, behavior management, social service referral, parenting skills and a wide variety of other matters to assist parents in improving the home environment to benefit the child’s education;
  • Conduct family resource assessments, develop and implement a program of services and coordinate interventions to assist families to meet family-identified needs and goals; 
  • Work in partnership with families, conduct individual family meetings and family events, communicating through electronic mail, postal mail, newsletters and information boards;
  • Provide family resource and referral support; establishing and maintaining a network with local agencies and organizations that provide social and health services to children.  Perform a variety of public relations activities in support of the program;  promote communication between parents, school and social service agencies;
  • Assist in generating activities to enable families to interact with one another; 
  • Encourage family involvement; monitoring and maintaining records for the family volunteer component of the program;
  • Assist management team with interdisciplinary planning for children and families;
  • Assist management team in providing support to families experiencing a crisis and refer to emergency assistance and crisis intervention providers as appropriate; coordinates efforts for consistency and routine in the lives of children;
  • Assist with organizing and conducting outreach to community served by the PSELC; 
  • Assist with ongoing recruitment and assistance in enrollment of new families for the PSELC;
  • Maintain accurate program records and files, including enrollment information, family assistance referrals, health and immunization records and follow-up data.  Produce reports as required;
  • Assist in the planning of transitional activities within the PSELC internal transitional processes as well as transitions to both the Spokane Tribal Head Start and local school districts for kindergarten readiness;
  • Attend in-service training sessions and staff meetings as scheduled.  Participate in quarterly multi-disciplinary staffings for each family;
  • Assists with monthly newsletters to families as well as sharing information on upcoming community events;
  • Assist with monthly invoicing and program income management;
  • Assist with all necessary reporting and parent communication on an as needed basis;
  • Write articles, manuals, and other publications and assist in the distribution of promotional literature about programs and facilities;
  • Organize and direct committees of specialists, volunteers, and staff to provide technical and advisory assistance for programs.


  • Directly supervise all teaching staff; building and sustaining healthy, trusting, professional relationships with all subordinate employees;
  • Identify teacher strengths and goals; providing support and resources to assist success in achieving goals;
  • Plan and coordinate activities to increase teacher success with instructional support and maintaining positive affect;
  • Support children and their families in meeting individualized educational goals;


  • Monitor students' progress and provide students and teachers with assistance in resolving any problems;
  • Confer with parents and staff to discuss educational activities, policies, and students' behavioral and/or learning problems (including but not limited to truancy and misbehavior—implementing solutions);
  • Counsel students whose behavior, school progress, or mental or physical impairment indicate a need for assistance—documenting student’s problems and arranging for needed services;
  • Set educational standards and goals and help establish policies, procedures, and programs to carry them out;
  • Plan, direct, and monitor instructional methods and content of educational, vocational, or student activity programs;
  • Direct and coordinate activities of teachers or administrators at licensed child care facility;
  • Prepare and maintain attendance, activity, planning, accounting, or personnel reports and records for officials and agencies, or direct preparation and maintenance activities;
  • Assist in the recruitment, hiring, training, and evaluation of primary and supplemental staff and recommend personnel actions for programs and services;
  • Determine the scope of educational program offerings and prepare drafts of program schedules and descriptions to estimate staffing and facility requirements;
  • Review and evaluate new and current programs to determine their efficiency and compliance with state, local, and federal regulations; and recommend any necessary modifications;
  • Review and interpret government codes and develop procedures to meet codes and to ensure facility safety, security, and maintenance;
  • Collect and analyze survey data, regulatory information, and demographic trends to forecast enrollment patterns and the need for curriculum changes;
  • Inform businesses, community groups, and governmental agencies about educational needs, available programs, and program policies.


  • Associate’s degree with the equivalent of 30 college credits in the following area(s) of study required within three years of hire date (Educational Agreement Required); adult education, human development, human services, family support, social work, early childhood education, child development, psychology or another field directly related to the position;
  • One year (1) experience working with children 6 weeks – 6 years in a group setting (or a combination of work and education pertaining to Early Childhood Education beyond AA degree);
  • Ability and willingness to maintain absolute confidentiality of sensitive information for both external and internal systems;
  • Experience in management and administration; 
  • Previous experience working with Native American clientele and understanding of their cultural needs;
  • Proficiency in the use of basic Microsoft Operating System, Office applications (Word, Excel, and Outlook) and Internet;
  • Ability to lift and maneuver small children on an ongoing basis and the necessary physical dexterity to work with small children 30-50 lbs. on average (bending, stooping, kneeling, crawling, lifting, etc.);
  • Initial Basic STARS 30-Hour Training preferred OR ability to complete training within one month of hire date.
  • Earn at least 20 hours of STARS training credit per year in a combination of administration, child development and family support;
  • Knowledge of child development;
  • Positive interpersonal skills;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Valid Washington State Driver’s license and ability to be Tribally insured required;
  • Current and up-to-date immunizations including a current TB skin test, annual influenza vaccine, TDap in lieu of Tetanus vaccine (preferred), and Hepatitis B Vaccination;
  • Previous experience working with low-moderate income young children and their families. 
  • Knowledge of Tribal, county, state and local resources for families and appropriate referral procedures;
  • Successful clearance of initial Criminal History and Background Inquiry—Tribal, State and Federal—also required to obtain portable background check through Washington State Department of Early Learning within one month of hire date and renew every three years;
  • Successful clearance of National Child Abuse Registry and Neglect Data System.


Applications are available at the Human Resources Department

P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA.   99040

Contact:  Sabrina McCoy or Andrea Flett

(509) 458-6583 or 458-6527

Fax #:  (509) 458-6556

Email address:

Applications must be received in the Human Resources Department No

Later Than 4:30 P.M. On The Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe Reserves the right to hire according to its Indian Preference Policy

The Spokane Tribe is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All Applicants are subject to a pre-employment drug test

All positions with the Tribe are subject to a 90-day orientation period