Health, Wellness, and Diabetes Education

Our mission is to provide health, wellness, and diabetes education to assist individuals and families with their goals to a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! Your input is very valuable and much appreciated. If you still have ideas and did not complete a survey, feel free to contact me.

Survey Results for the Community:

Exercise Results;

-Never             5.26%

-1X per week 18.42%

-2X per week  9.21%

-3X per week 40.79%

-4X per week  2.64%

-5X per week 14.47%

-Everyday       9.21%

Redbull, Coffee, or soda intake;

-Never            3.95%

-Sometimes   22.37%

-Everyday     73.68%


Daily water intake;

-1 Cup             5.55%

-3 Cups           30.56%

-4 Cups            2.78%

-6 Cups           19.44%

-8 Cups or +   41.67%


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Krista Colvin

Community Project Manager

(Health, Wellness & Diabetes)

258-7502 ext. 45